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Life is great to be honest, if you go with it and don’t fight against the current. And take every opportunity it gives you.

The only time it doesn’t go well is when you ask for something and life gives it to you; something that’s not meant to be yours. Not only it’ll alter your perspective of life, but it’ll prolong your happiness. If it’s not meant to be yours, it’ll never be yours, it’s just not meant to be. Maybe in another life time or parallel universe, but not this one.

Whatever happens, happens. Everything happens for a reason. With all these sayings, why do we still fight against the current? Are we really that stubborn? Do we think we know what makes us happy in the long run? Or are we greedy and don’t want to lose anything?

You’re the only person who can change your future, forgot destiny, a day fate, this is your learning experience; you’re game. Try to make the most out of everything.