The brick wall you encounter is yourself


Did I-

Did I give up myself to wait for one person; someone who doesn’t even know if they can be with me?

Did I really let go of everything for a “chance” to be with you?

I’m chasing something that I’m not sure even exists

I dropped everything for someone who is uncertain. Saying that the future can change and can’t promise me anything, but we can be best friends.

I’m stupid for telling you I’ll wait for you and you didn’t give you me assurance that you’ll do the same. I should have known then, but I was blind- I thought this time was different, it felt so right.

But it was my word, and I’ll stay committed to it.

But I’m done chasing. We’ll just see how this plays out.


How can we still be best friends, when you say that you want everyone to be happy but here I am hurting and crying?

How can we be best friends, when you don’t even hear me out and be there for me?

How can we be best friends, when I’ll always want something more?

I’m merely just someone you know, you don’t see me as a best friend